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Landscaping, gardening and decoration

Landscape architecture is the discipline through which the landscape is able to analyze, plan, design and manage the landscape.

Dolors Feu, Agricultural Engineering and Landscape with Narcis Serradell through bussiness Tirogaverd, joined Barcelona ProGest order to provide the highest quality plans and landscape projects .

Extensive experience in advising level design of outdoor spaces, parks, gardens, squares, residential areas, green roofs, terraces, green walls and natural pools, as well as the production of all kinds of environmental studies for the resolution of urban planning, solving all kinds of environmental problems for our customers.

The manufacturing process of our projects is based on a careful analysis of the scope and concerns of our customers, to final execution of the work. This is available to customers throughout the design process.

A good combination of skills of observation, creativity, communication and exchange of ideas can tackle projects of different scales, from large to small parcels of landscape responding to basic human needs of comfort and environmental welfare in order to contribute to the harmonious development and integrated so you can focus on the process in the most appropriate and adapt in each case.

Our aim lies in meeting the needs of our customers and make them enjoy the green spaces of provisions, cities closer to the environment in order to make them more friendly for pedestrians and ensure that green evokes comfort. In short, a pleasure for our senses.

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